Jelly Killers

As of yesterday (, a young German tourist was died after being stung by a Box Jelly in Thailand. That was really sad to see how a young life come to an end at the age of 19!!

There are something basic to know about jellyfish sting before you start a world tour, or at least a trip to the Indo-Pacific coasts:

1- the first to watch out for are those beach announcements and signs. Ask coastal guard if the area is protected by nets or the coastline is clean of dangerous jelly fish.

2- not all jelly fish are poisonous! inform yourself what kind of species and in which time of the year exist in the area you are going to stay. I recommend you to use the App developed by colleagues from Monterey Bay Aquarium called “Jellywatch”. you can help them to develop a worldwide data bank of jellyfish by sighting them. here the link:

3- In case being stung: never ever wash the area with tab/fresh water. To treat the Indo-Pacific box jelly stings, you might rinse the wound with vinegar first. I have heard in some Australian costs there is a bottle of vinegar available for free in coastline where box jelly was sighted. It doesn’t harm you to put a small bottle of the liquid next to your sun-blocker tube.You might never use it yourself, but could help to save a life of a young girl!!!

here you can find a professional adviser how to treat different stings of jellyfish: