Last but not least in 2019: The blog from Team South Africa

“Wyneberg, Wyneberg” – a hooting Minibus taxi is racing past us on the way to the upper campus of the University of Cape Town (UCT), a man hangs half out the front-passengers window, smiling and whistling at us. Us being Matthew and Silja, Team South Africa, in short: Team SA, ready to revive the GAME […]

Olá, daqui fala Anne e Mayara, Team Cabo Verde.

Here is a latecoming blog from GAME 2018. We have been the first GAME students to conduct experiments at the Ocean Science Centre Mindelo (OSCM) on the island of São Vicente that belongs to the archipelago of Cabo Verde. It was exciting for us to explore a new GAME site but also exhausting and laborious. […]

The end is near. Thoughts on a project by Team Chile

Last week, we sat with all our GAME friends together, talking, drinking, having fun and suddenly we had this melancholic thought: “damn only one month to go”! Where did all the time go? How fast can a 9-month experience be? We got a bit sad and started talking about all the great things we experienced, […]

Selamat datang di Bogor!

As our time in Indonesia has ended and we are back in Kiel, it’s time to tell you about our experiences: Actually, there are normally about 11 000 km between Ica, an Indonesian student in Bogor and Vroni, who is studying in Bayreuth, Germany. In March, we first met in Kiel at GEOMAR where this […]