GAME in the time of the coronavirus

Due to the coronavirus situation in Germany, the GAME preparation course at GEOMAR was stopped on Monday March 16th. So, instead of going on the Baltic Sea excursion, which was scheduled for Monday to Wednesday of the same week, the GAME participants stopped their activities and prepared for their journey home. By now, all external students have left Germany and most of them have already reached their home places. It was a difficult decision to stop the course so abruptly, since the group was just in the process of growing together and the enthusiasm about the joint project was great. However, in the current situation there is no alternative to bringing all activities to a halt. This will not mean the end of the project. The students and the GAME team at GEOMAR will remain in contact and we will continue with preparing the experiments using email and skype. We will then have a close look on how the coronavirus situation develops in the different partner countries. As soon as life has normalized and our local science partners give the green light, the student teams will start their work abroad. We will need to adjust the time table and we will certainly also need to shorten some parts, but we are still optimistic that the project can be accomplished.