New GAME topic: Grazing in a warmer world. Apply now for 2017!

The project in 2017 will focus on possible interactive effects between warming and grazing in marine benthic systems. Will invertebrate grazers such as isopods, sea urchins and snails consume more algal biomass when water temperatures will rise in the course of global warming? If yes, will this effect be consistent across climate zones? Furthermore, can faster growth in a warmer world compensate for enhanced biomass losses due to higher grazing pressure?

In 2017 the GAME teams will try to find answers to these questions by realizing a two-factorial experiment that will be replicated in different climate zones. We are now inviting Master’s students to participate in this study.  If you want to be part of the project, please apply to the GAME coordinator at GEOMAR (if you are enrolled at a German university) or to one of our scientific partners. The application form can be downloaded from our website. The project will start in March 2017.