Second Yacht equipped in Auckland

AkzoNobel was prepared for a new paint and our second scientific unit. ©Gutekunst

Great News at the Ocean Summit in Hong Kong as the second Team (AkzoNobel) will jump into the Oceans with our Equipment from Leg 7 onwards next to Turn the Tide on Plastic. My talk did cost me my lunch that day as there were so many interested people in our research activities and possible future projects – but that’s fair enough. Every time i meet people in the different cities they are happy that we gather data, which is connected to Ocean health. Through this we scientist are able to make predictions of our climate, which are facts based.

At the Auckland stopover Stefan Raimund from SubCtech and I installed the second system already. That day i might have convinced a young lady to get into science as she was really excited to see the instrument and understood its’ necessities to get data from our blue environment.

OceanPack™ RACE from SubCtech. ©Gutekunst

So far we were already able to gather a big amount of data nearly half around the globe and start to make one of the first maps for micro plastics through the Oceans with one instrument within a short period of time. We will be able to clear some white spots of the carbon dioxide maps from SOCAT as we collected data from regions, which have never been investigated since the 1950.

The teams are already heading from Itajaí Brazil towards Newport, Rhode Island U.S.A.




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