NYE – Leg 4 to Hong Kong Starts Tomorrow

Leg 4 soon to come ©Gutekunst

What a great and fascinating Leg from Cape Town to Melbourne we can look back on. The whole fleet arrived in the Melbourne Docklands.

Turn the Tide on Plastic team celebrate the end of Leg 3. ©Gutekunst

The team was able to take care of our scientific unit despite the extreme conditions and swell. As you can see from the next plot we already acquired a big chunk of data but there is a lot more to come.

Preliminary temperature section from Legs 1 – 3. ©Gutekunst

Next to the science we can now look forward into 2018 and get some impressions from Melbourne. What a great idea to collect rubbish from the river and what a beautiful NYE celebration.

From Dusk till NYE. ©Gutekunst

Yarra River Litter Collector – Nice Idea! ©Gutekunst

Using the rivers current to collect rubbish. ©Gutekunst