MSM63 – 01

Hello world,


greetings from the scientists of the cruise MSM63 – PERMO on RV Maria S. Merian! We just left Southampton and set sail northwards to our first survey area, the southern Viking Graben in the central North Sea.

There we will first collect bathymetric data to check if the area is suitable for the purpose of our cruise: the investigation of chimney structures and their role in fluid migration through the sedimental succession as well as their possible impact on CO2 storage in the area and to gain new insights into the accumulation of hydrocarbons.

We assume that there is such a chimney structure in our survey area. If we do not find evidence for that, we will leave the Norwegian sector of the North Sea and proceed to another promising survey area in the so called “Witchground”, located in the British part of the central North Sea.

We will keep you up with detailed information in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!



Your scientists on board of RV Maria S. Merian




Christoph Böttner

Michel Kühn


Gesa Franz


*Picture of the scientific crew coming soon!

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