MSM63 – 04

After a delayed start due to technical problems we decided to concentrate on water column sampling and acoustic surveys of the Goldeneye area for the time that we have left. We are very excited to finally get some water samples to characterise the bottom water chemistry in the region. Multibeam and Parasound transects provide us […]

MSM63 – 03

Hello World, Next in our program was the deployment of 14 Ocean Bottom Electric (OBE) field receivers from the Ocean Bottom Instrument Consortium (OBIC). A recent development is the vertical arm so that 6 stations recorded not only the horizontal but also the vertical electric field. Deployment of the OBEs extended over two sessions with […]

MSM63 – 02

OBEMs and Sunset

Hello world,   greetings from the scientists aboard the research vessel Maria S. Merian. We started two days ago in Southampton with a tight work schedule and many expectations for the cruise MSM63-PERMO. Our aim is to survey the major fluid escape features in the central North Sea.   We did arrive in the southern […]

MSM63 – 01

Hello world,   greetings from the scientists of the cruise MSM63 – PERMO on RV Maria S. Merian! We just left Southampton and set sail northwards to our first survey area, the southern Viking Graben in the central North Sea. There we will first collect bathymetric data to check if the area is suitable for […]