Gradients in ocean nutrient limitation

6th weekly report (19.02.2023 – 25.02.2023) Saturday 25th February 2023 The fifth week of the research expedition M187: we have been making progress with the transect we are conducting outwards into the South Atlantic subtropical gyre. We plan a total of 11 stations along this section, starting from where we finished the two filament studies […]

Tracking ocean (micro)nutrients

4th weekly report (12.02.2023 – 18.02.2023) Saturday 18th February 2023 In our fourth week we continued our study of the second filament located west of Lüderitz, conducting daily stations to sample the water column and then using the remainder of the day and night for intensive underway sampling of surface seawaters. We are studying the […]

Sampling the water column in the South East Atlantic

The CTD (short for Conductivity-Temperature-Depth) is a central instrument for most oceanic research. It infers the salinity from conductivity and measures, in addition to temperature and depth, oxygen, florescence and much more! Furthermore, it has 24 big bottles (10 L) attached to it, allowing for water collection from specific depths, which then in turn can […]