GAME movie is now online!

During the GAME project in 2014, the student teams and professional camerapeople captured GAME research on the effects of microplastics on benthic invertebrates. By this they gave insights into the daily work of the GAME participants in Brazil, Indonesia, Wales, on Madeira Island, Portugal, and at GEOMAR in Kiel. In addition to this, the students speak about their individual experiences: What is it like to do research in a team and (at least for the German students) in a new work environment for half a year? What was the biggest challenge? Together with a production company, the GEOMAR media department produced a 10 minutes long movie that not only documents one of the recent GAME projects, but also illustrates how the programme is structured and what the GAME concept of replicating experiments at a global scale is about. Thanks to all who contributed to making this movie! It is really worth all the efforts! The English version can be found at  while a German version is at