Gabi Dederer will speak in the GAME alumni talk series

The next speaker in the GAME alumni talk series will be Gabi Dederer who works for WWF Germany. She will speak about derelict fishing gear (aka ghost nets) in the Baltic Sea and the first transnational initiative that seeks to mitigate their negative effects. Gabi participated in GAME in 2008 and she and her team […]

Olá da equipa de Portugal!

So in this year’s Portugal GAME project, we are Joana from Lisbon, Portugal, and Katrin from Munich, Germany! We worked together on the beautiful island of Madeira and here is our tale of our time there! Joana is a Marine Ecology Master who heard about this project from a former advisor in her favourite area […]

MIDDLE EAST TIMES – News from Israel

Shalom, we are Luisa and Erez – Team Israel 2017! Luisa is a master student from Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main and Erez is a PhD Student from Haifa University. Our working place for the six months in Israel was the Marine Community Ecology Lab which is part of the “Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research”. The […]

From lab to onsen: The effects of warming on grazers and students

This year’s participants of the GAME project in Japan are Takaaki, an undergrad student from Hokkaido University, and Franz, a master’s student from Rostock. The project’s objective is to evaluate how the feeding rates of prominent local invertebrate grazers change with temperature, how temperature increase impacts the macroalgae they graze on and, finally, whether trends, […]

Hello from Indonesia

This year Team Indonesia consists of Miko from Indonesia and Leonie from Germany and we will conduct our GAME research work at the Marine Habitat Lab at IPB Bogor, Indonesia. The GAME project 2017 is about the possible change in consumption rates of marine invertebrate herbivores at elevated water temperatures – so we want to […]

New GAME topic: Effects of ocean warming on chemical communication processes. Apply now for 2018!

The GAME research project in 2018 will focus on the possible effects of ocean warming on chemical communication processes in the sea. This includes foraging responses in predator-prey systems, habitat selection or conspecific recognition. We will concentrate on seafloor habitats in which macroinvertebrates, such as crustaceans and molluscs, but also macroalgae exhibit numerous chemical interactions. […]

Let the GAME begin

Hello! We are Isa and Feli and here comes the first GAME blog in 2017. The aim of this year’s GAME project is to investigate the impact of global warming on the consumption rates of invertebrate herbivores. After the introductory course in March in Kiel, Germany, we travelled to Menai Bridge, a small and beautiful […]

GAME alumni talk series starts this week

This year GAME celebrates its 15th anniversary and on this occasion we are starting a talk series in which programme alumni will speak about their career paths that followed their participation in GAME. Our first speaker is Sarah Piehl who participated in the first GAME project on the biological effects of microplastics in 2013. In […]