„Hey Mom, I‘m on TV!“

That‘s what Nina Lester, University of Cape Town, said when all of a sudden a camera lens appeared in front of her. Jefim Vogel and myself keep record of the meteor cruise in the name of the PR department of GEOMAR. Armed with a digital camcorder, a Nikon D300 and a HERO GoPro 2 we try to capture the huge variety of events that happen on a 24/7 operating research vessel – limits are set only sleeping hours and the doors of the bar. From a abandon ship training, incoming bongo nets to private eye-to-eye interviews everything will be cut into a movie for GEOMAR-TV.

‘Naturally people tend to behave differently when they see a camera and this is true for me aswell‘, Daniel Schult, University of Hamburg, and added smiling, ‘but we try to behave as casual as we can.‘ The best tool to catch a situation without people recognizing is the GoPro – once attached to the railing people forget about it.
‘Only one week left before we run in our destination Port Louis, Mauritius. So a lot of work is yet to be done!“, says Jefim on his way to an interview with the cook‘s assistant and he is very curious to see the treasures left in the huge storage. J11_6218


Rafael Abel, GEOMAR