Interview with the chief scientist Philipp

The cruise expedition SO299 is gradually coming closer to the end. But before we are going to leave the ship in one week in Singapore, we would kindly like to get our Chief Scientist a chance to speak. Our expedition leader Philipp bravely answered our questions, and he gives us an insight into the planning […]

In a nutshell: OBS & OBMT

To investigate the subsurface of the seafloor, we deploy geophysical instruments, which can „look“ below the seafloor bottom through the sediment and rock layers. We have two different types of devices, which complement each other. OBS stands for Ocean Bottom Seismometer, and is used to detect earthquakes. OBMT stands for Ocean Bottom MagnetoTellurics, and it […]

The first time on board a research vessel

The research vessel SONNE left Townsville on 6. June 2023 in the evening and is currently on its way to the working area with a diverse research team on board. For some of our young scientists, it is the very first research expedition at sea. Who are they? What are they working on? How did […]

Hello and Welcome on board of the research vessel SONNE!

Cool that you found us! This is the blog of the expedition DYNAMET SO299 to Papua New Guinea from 6th June to 29th July 2023.  Currently, we are on our transit from Townsville/Australia into our working area near the island of New Ireland. For further detailed information about the goals and objectives of this scientific […]