First measurements

We made our way through the English Channel and were rewarded with a wavy ocean making some of us suffer from seasickness. Not exactly a great reward but something one should always consider when going on a research cruise. By now all of us have overcome the seasickness and are doing well again. At this point I would like to say thank you to our onboard doctor.

On Wednesday we also left the last exclusive economic zone which allowed us to start our underway measurements. With a shipboard acoustic doppler current profiler (sADCP) we can monitor the currents of the upper 1500m of the ocean and the thermosalinograph (tsg) is measuring salinity and temperature of near surface water continuously.

Water temperature measured by the tsg on our way across the Atlantic.

As we were all keen to start measuring it took us no longer than 15 minutes to execute the first CTD. A CTD loaded with easily more than ten different kinds of instruments. Even though the main purpose of the CTD was to check our instruments and start calibrating others which will be used later this cruise, the first CTD is always some kind of starting signal for a research cruise.

The first CTD coming back on board.
Photo: Conny Posern

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