Meet the Scientific Crew Abord the M184 Cruise

By Anne-Sophie Fortin

This is a poster showing individual photos of the scientific crew aboard the cruise M184.
Scientific crew aboard the cruise M184. Photo by Lea Blum.

Let me introduce to you the scientific crew aboard the M184 Cruise. The chief scientist of this expedition is Johannes who takes care of the general smooth running of scientific activities on board. He can rely on Sunke (also a co-chief scientist), Félix, and Fehmi, the CTD watch leaders, and on the technicians Wiebke, Philipp, Christian, Andreas, and Paul, which are a great help in all kind of situations.

Paula, Augustin, Hendrik, Mario, Pia, Sam, Jörg, Anne-Sophie, and Hannah are split into three groups that are under the supervision of the CTD watch leaders. These teams are doing rotating shifts so that real-time data is taken around the clock, even at night.

Some people on board take the lead responsibility of specific experiments, such as the analysis of nutrients and oxygen in the water performed by Elizabeth and Lea. Sam oversees the deployment of a highly sensitive bottom pressure instrument from the Scottish Association of Marine Science (SAMS) that has a 10-year lasting battery. This instrument is one of a set of two designed to measure the sea surface height across the North Atlantic. Jochen and Paula handle the deployment of Hereon drifters, which follow surface currents. Paul manages the MicroCATs, i.e., the instruments measuring the temperature and conductivity, on the moorings deployed as part of the OSNAP program.

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