Seminar in Recife prior to boarding METEOR

On Monday, October 28, the scientific crew of M159 and M158 met with our oceanography colleagues from the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) in Recife for a half day long seminar.

The topics covered the first results from the M158 expedition, recent papers by some of the participants and student presentation from UFPE colleagues. Our host Moacyr ARAUJO from the Laboratoy Oceanografia Física Estuarina e Costeira – LOFEC provided a warm welcome. For us this was an excellent introduction to the science to be done on the M159 METEOR expedition.

The seminar has already a long tradition between GEOMAR and UFPE. And thus it’s title was “VII Seminar of the Bilateral Cooperation DOCEAN GEOMAR“. Every time we come here with METEOR we meet and have an scientific exchange.