An unexpected but fruitful cruise onboard the R/V POSEIDON

Four-days cruise in the R/V POSEIDON. 16 CTD-rosette casts to a maximum depth of 3000 m, 12 net-hauls down to 750 m, and 6 eXpendable BathyThermograph (XBT) and drifter deployments. This was the result of collateral science that rose out of the KOSMOS ’14 GC project. Because… Did anybody really expect that climatic adversities would stop the enthusiasm of this handful of crazy scientist? Let me say NO.

In total, 1440 L of seawater were filtered for deep-ocean metabolic determinations, and more than 100 samples were collected for nutrients, trace-gases and Chl-a measurements. Another 32 samples will be additionally used to study the abundance of pteropods, and the metabolism of size-fractionated zooplankton in the well-known ESTOC station. Undoubtedly, the huge background data available for this location will serve to support our investigations.



I have to say that this was my second cruise in a German ship. And, beyond the scientific work, I can make two major conclusions after the days I have shared with you at sea. The most important is that the Germans really like sausages accompanied by all kind of sauces. The second conclusion, but not least, is that you have the commendable custom to be punctual. It does not matter how late you work in the night you will be awaiting for breakfast at 7:30 am.  But in the end, both Spanish and German scientists are close to each other in one aspect. Both belong to the kind of mad people who enjoy looking through microscopes, and who enjoy mixing reactants in a flask like the old alchemists. Both are obsessed with extracting meaning from chaotic reality, both are passionate about the inexplicable, and both are condemned to survive with little money (I guess this last point is worse in the Spanish case). As a very famous writer who embarked with me in the past would fondly say: “both are useless people who are good for nothing except science”. Holy madness…

Thank you guys, because it was a pleasure working with you all on the POSEIDON!


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  1. What a nice and perfectly fitting description of our cruise ! I can only confirm: It was really nice being onboard POSEIDON with you all and it was indeed impressive to see you working (filtering) so devotedly. Thanks for that. Silke

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