Humanity needs the oceans

Photo: L. Koldau

Without the oceans, our earth would be a desert planet. The oceans have given our earth and our various cultures and societies a copiousness and abundance that cannot be expressed in human terms of value. Human life and human culture would not be possible without them.

Humanity needs the oceans – and thus, the oceans are a topic of prime interest to the humanities, that is, the studies of human culture, human behaviour, and human thought. In humanist perspective, general ocean research cannot be thought without integrating a humanist approach.

This blog has been written on the background of two cultural historical research projects on coastal hazards and their significance for coastal populations. The blog is work in progress, going along with an interdisciplinary project that is currently being developed on international water risk management in the light of climate change. You are most welcome to add your comments and ideas, whether you work in the humanities, in the natural sciences, or in any other discipline.

The various pages of this blog offer you insights into the multiple ways how the humanities can cooperate and interact with ocean research:

About this Blog: In how far is ocean research of interest to the humanities?

Humanist Ocean Research: Insights and suggestions for humanist approaches to important topics in ocean research.

Humanist Projects: Read about three projects on storm floods and tsunamis that already have been carried through.

Maritime Disasters: Probably the no. 1 on the list of topics that fascinate not only humanists, but also the general public.

Why Humanities? And what exactly is it that the humanities can contribute to enhance ocean research? Read about the specific talents and competences that humanists can add to enrich inter- and transdisciplinary ocean research.

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Linda Maria Koldau, Universität Kiel