Pictures from the sea floor

by Kevin Köser Today is already Friday, the 21st of August and the cruise is about to reach its end. Although the last 4 weeks have been quite a while, when you are busy, time flies by quickly and on Sunday we already have to steam back to Guayaquil. The ship and the gear is […]

How it all began

By Gerd Schriever Many different mineral resources can be found on the deep sea floor. Beside manganese nodules, manganese crusts, massive sulphides and rare earth elements are of commercial interest. The first manganese nodules were found in 1872 during the English “Challenger” expedition in the Atlantic Ocean but were quickly forgotten. During the late 1960s/early […]

My piece of cake

By Dr. Clara Rodrigues and Dr. Patricia Esquete Garrote, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal The Box-corer is one of the stars of this DISCOL revisited cruise. This stainless steel sampling box has been used since the 1980s to determine the fauna composition at the abyssal floor. The surface area of the box is a quarter of […]

The veteran’s tales

By Gerd Schriever Today it is my turn to write something about our cruise SO 242 leg 1 – DISCOL – Revisited. My name is Gerd Schriever and I am the “veteran” mentioned in an earlier blog entry. “Veteran” means that I am probably not just the oldest person but also the only one on […]