Our lives, my life, have been halted in so many ways.  But nothing, not even this, is black or white; and amidst the uncertainty and heartache, life keeps unfolding before our eyes. The blood-red and golden hues of every sunset keep shining just as magnificently, the reflections of the sunlight on the ocean keep dazzling […]

Watchman, watchman, do you copy?

It is 8 am in Peru, the sun is shining up in the sky and the boats are out on the water sampling. I relieve Toralf, who has been awake since 5am, from his position as watchman for the next 4 hours. Little by little the members of the KOSMOS-CUSCO team are trickling in and […]

The deep water hunt

32 µmol nitrate per liter – fantastic!! Better than I dared to dream. But let’s start from the beginning. The main objective of our study is to unravel how changes in upwelling intensity affect the food web and elemental cycling in the Peruvian upwelling system. Simply speaking, should upwelling intensity decline let’s say by 50% […]

It’s go time baby!

Water perspective by Sebastian Cantarero: After weeks of preparing, scheming, and building of suspense the day finally arrived! A group of highly trained secret agent scientists waited in the wee hours of the morning for word that Captain Jana and the sediment trap team was returning to dock, giving us the go ahead to start […]

The mesocosms touch water

The day started really early. At 5am we all met at the dive locker and brought everything we needed to the boats. Ropes, life vests, helmets, food, cable ties, lashing straps, lamps, fuel …. are we forgetting anything? We were all tired but at the same time excited. After 15 days in La Punta waiting […]

Be flexible

The KOSMOS-CUSCO project focuses on the links between upwelling intensity, primary productivity, export and trophic transfer efficiency in a changing climate. They seek to understand the reasons for the out of phase seasonal cycle between nutrient supply and phytoplankton productivity, an unexplained phenomenon unique to the Humboldt upwelling system. In a complementary way, Humboldt Tipping […]

Insider views on women in science

The 11th February was the international day for women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Historically, gender differences have been present in science. Women have faced barriers for their work to be accepted by the scientific community and published in scientific journals, and for an extended period of time, they were even banned from […]

The Warehouse

Counting every single item from the containers at the warehouse. Michael Krudewig.

We get out of the taxi and find ourselves on a dusty slope, waiting to be let into the warehouse. Somewhere in the north of Callao, far from our holy and protected La Punta bubble, the clean and safe neighborhood in which we are staying. I try to orient myself. The Pacific cannot be far […]

Packing an extra of lessons learned

This morning, while packing my suitcase for the upcoming KOSMOS 2020 experiment in Perú, I read that there is currently a red tide in front of Miraflores (Lima, Perú), and this brought warm memories from our last year’s cruise to these waters. Last year, I was on the magnificent research vessel Maria S. Merian celebrating […]