Frustration and satisfaction

Technician repairing our probe on bord in Roenne, Bornholm. Photo: Jan Dierking

Finally, our next posts!

First, a quick update from myself, Jan, chief scientist on this cruise and a postdoctoral researcher at the GEOMAR.

Why did we not post anything? A technological problem made our first days a lot more hectic than they should have been. A crucial part of the fisheries gear – the electronic net probe indicating where in the water column the net is positioned and how wide the net opening is – broke. Without, fishing is not possible.

To attempt its repair, we made a 12 hour unscheduled stop in Roenne, Bornholm. A technician specialized in marine systems came on bord – and luckily, was able to fix the problem! Since then, the weather has been excellent, the team has been working great, and we have been able to make up for much of the lost time. Frustration and bliss – close together at sea.

By the way, if you want to follow our position during the remainder of this cruise, or learn more about the research vessel ALKOR you can do so using this link:

Greetings from Gotland Basin,

Sunset at sea