Day 107 – what a run!

Congratulations to the KOSMOS 2013 team! You did a terrific job!!!!

Precisely 5 months after we first entered the Gullmarsfjord on board R/V Alkor we have crossed the finish line of what has turned out to become an amazing run. An experiment that I suspect none of us will forget so soon.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, by no means. At times I didn’t think we would be able to carry this through. But we did – all 10 mesocosms made it across the finish line. Thanks to the dedication and commitment of everyone involved. What a team! Thank you to all of you.

The reward for over 20 weeks of hard work is priceless: a comprehensive data set on the long-term effects of ocean acidification on a pelagic ecosystem, covering the period from the first winter/spring bloom to the summer retention system. With over 50 parameters measured every other day, this data set is unparalleled. I am sure it will bring us many new insights into the sensitivities of marine life to ocean acidification.

I wish all of us a relaxing summer and look forward to seeing you all again at the data workshop in December, if not before.



The KOSMOS 2013 team on Day 107 – in total 69 participants helped on site carrying this campaign from start to end. THANK YOU to everyone involved!!!!

(photos: Michael Schindel, GEOlino and Maike Nicolai, GEOMAR)

By Ulf Riebesell