Surfactants are ubiquitous!

***deutsche Version siehe weiter unten*** Teaser: Scientists are concerned about surface active compounds (known as surfactants) in any air-sea exchange processes nowadays. During our ongoing research in the Baltic Sea, scientists from IOW and GEOMAR came together on RV EMB295 to address the question of how surfactants in surface seawater of the Baltic Sea control […]

Hunting for k

By Christa Marandino, Tim Steffens, Tobias Spreitz, David Ho ***deutsche Version siehe weiter unten*** How does the ocean influence climate? We know that heat is taken up by the ocean, but what about climate-active trace gases? Does the ocean emit them or take them up? How much is the ocean emitting or absorbing? Is air-sea […]

All about bubbles !

By Helen Czerski ***deutsche Version siehe weiter unten*** 07.07.2022 One of the privileges of living at sea is that you live inside the rhythm of the ocean, rolling with the ship as the restless water shifts beneath you.  Our metal home is part of the boundary between the atmosphere and the ocean, and the movement […]