Finding the missing piece (English/Deutsch)

Scientists at their workstations in the hydro lab. Photo: Lester Lembke-Jene

The Sonne cruise 264 focuses on geological topics, but there is still room for other scientific endeavours like Hydrography. Hydrography in this case is used to explore the seafloor’s surface below the deep sea. The ocean floor has a certain landscape or topography like dry land, which is, however, hidden under vast masses of water. […]

The plankton are calling… (English/Deutsch)

Scientist examines the samples obtained with the Multinet under a microscope. Photo: Jessica Volz, Editing: Steffen Niemann

…from the depth of the ocean. Thousands of microscopic organisms are swimming around, either to catch some food or just hanging out in the currents and enjoying the silence. Planktonic organisms are an important part of the ocean’s ecosystem and during our expedition we want to learn as much as possible about them. Since we […]

Biscuits from the ocean (English/Deutsch)

The sediment from the tubes of the MUC is cut into 1 cm thick slices. Photo: Steffen Niemann

Halftime! We have been on the deep-sea research ship Sonne for a month now and even though the initial excitement of the expedition has slowly eased, it has not yet become boring for me in any way. I am the youngest participant on board and this is not only my first scientific voyage, but also […]