What`s a CTD? / Was ist eigentliche eine CTD?

Three times a day, water samples are taken on the R/V POSEIDON using the CTD rosette. CTD stands for conductivity, temperature, and depth, which is determined by measuring the pressure. CTD sampling provides a vertical profile of the water and brings water from different depths to the surface. The CTD rosette on board consists of […]

Deployment of the drifter

Saturday, the 27th of January 2018. Today we finally launched the drifter. In the last days we searched for a suitable upwelling-patch off the coast of Mauritania. The drifter has been prepared until late in the night. In the morning, we came closer to the final point of deployment, an area with a fresh upwelling-patch, […]

Reaching the research area – first test CTD

In the early morning of the 23th of January 2018 the R/V POEIDON left Las Palmas and sailed in the following two days to the coast of Mauritania. During the transit the scientists set up their labs, took initial test measurements and checked the functionality of all their equipment for the upcoming research. Using satellite […]

The POSEIDON sets sails to Las Palmas

It`s the first weekend of the year 2018 and the scientific crew of the research cruise POS519, from Las Palmas to Mindelo, is lifting the container with the equipment on board the POSEIDON, which is currently docked in Kiel. The drifter has been safely stored in the wet lab, the boxes with the material for […]

We are packing – but no Christmas gifts

After a year of planning and organizing we come closer to the final date of departure for the research expedition POS519. While everybody is packing gifts for Christmas, we are packing our container which will go on board the R/V POSEIDON on January 2018 heading to Las Palmas. In Las Palmas we will start our […]