Consumption means detachment. Detachment from our origin. It means that there is always something in between. Something artificial, a manmade system which interferes. Money. Money and the value we assign to a certain thing. I feel here everything is about consumption – I’m not only talking about fast food and drive thrus. I talk about […]

Trying so hard

The last days I was trying so hard to finish the next post. I wonder why it is so difficult to finish it. There is so much in my head, so much to write about, so many beginnings and little pieces I noted down, but I can’t sort myself so that I’d expressed it in […]

Welcome to Miami!

It’s been already a week since I arrived in Miami, Florida for doing a 2,5 months internship in the John Kominoski Lab at the Florida International University (FIU). After I handed in my thesis in Biological Oceanography I wanted to take this as an opportunity to go abroad, getting to know a different country, different […]