Ready to start!

After many months of preparation, uncountable hours of organization, and successfully mastered challenges, finally all researchers and technicians have arrived on the island. During the past weeks, many helpers set up the laboratories and the mesocosms at the pier. Boxes full of equipment from petri dishes to flow cytometers were carried around and unpacked, lots of sweat has been dripped and blisters have been run.Big thanks to the whole construction team!

Today in the afternoon, all researchers met for the first science meeting. Many curious faces from all over the world listened to the introduction by the head of the KOSMOS experiment Ulf Riebesell and discussed scientific questions. Now we’re all on the same page and READY TO START!

“Uno, Dos, Tres, Patata!”, of course we didn’t miss out to take our group picture!

Authors: Anna Groen & Jana Willim