Beyond the seafloor

Subbbottom profiles of the PAP area

During the MSM96 METAL-ML cruise, we are collecting sub-bottom (SBP) data to a depth down to 50m from the seafloor in an effort to understand the recent sedimentological processes that control the sediment distribution inside the study area. Already from the first records, we realized that the “PAP” (Porcupine Abyssal Plain) working area has a […]

Alter course

— Deutscher Text im Anschluss — The North Atlantic has shown us its power and beauty this week. It reminded us, that we have to follow his rules and can be grateful for the opportunities to study whenever the wind and waves allow us to do so. This week, we experienced why few research cruises […]

The first adventure

— Deutscher Text folgt unten — As a young boy, the documentaries on the television about the extreme environments, the nature, the habitats and mysteries of the depth of the oceans always inspired me. Today, I am on the frontier of the research where all the things which I ever dreamed about, are being fulfilled. […]


— Deutscher Text im Anschluss — Almost one week into the scientific program of the cruise we already begin to see patterns in the data that seem to support the hypothesis that we want to address here. And that despite many challenges that have kept us improvising over the past week. Immediately after leaving the […]

Lets go!

Very early into our expedition we have already made new experiences. Both the distinguished technicians and researchers as well as the newcomers on board lived three calm days with excellent service in the quarantine hotel. That was new. We shared an afternoon “East-Frisian tea ceremony”, evening drinks and brief preparation talks virtually while waiting eagerly […]

Metal-Geochemistry meets Machine Learning

On October 10th, RV Maria S. Merian will embark on its 96th mission: to study the heterogeneity and complexity of topography, habitats and geochemistry of the Atlantic Ocean seafloor. We expect to find a diverse world, far more complex than what is often thought of when looking at the “Abyssal Plains”. A team of 12 […]