Beyond the seafloor

Subbbottom profiles of the PAP area

During the MSM96 METAL-ML cruise, we are collecting sub-bottom (SBP) data to a depth down to 50m from the seafloor in an effort to understand the recent sedimentological processes that control the sediment distribution inside the study area. Already from the first records, we realized that the “PAP” (Porcupine Abyssal Plain) working area has a rather interesting history to tell us. 

Gases and enhanced reflectors, faults, strong surface reflections with intermittent parallel/subparallel, distinct, locally intense, subsurface reflections, small local sediment basins surrounded by wavy relief and/or a few overlapping hyperbolic reflections tangential to the seafloor indicating the potential rise/outcropping of the acoustic basement; create a vivid heterogeneous pattern that triggers our imagination, and making us to looking forward to the next SBP line. 🙂

Part  of  Porcupine Abyssal Plain seafloor morphology and the underlying sedimentary layers. – (Iason Gazis)

And when the long night shifts are over, the warm colours of  the sunrise in the Atlantic ocean are here to welcome a new adventurous day onboard the RV Maria S.Merian.

Me in the MBES & SBP hydroaccoustic control station.
The sunrise on the deck.