More than halfway there: Week 2 Review

Under the sea, under the sea … are there only carbonates waiting for me? After a very successful first week of dredging and seafloor mapping on the M191 expedition, the team of scientists onboard the R/V Meteor entered their second week in lower spirits. Sea conditions deteriorated for two days, which introduced some of us […]

What have we been up to? Week 1 Review

Adios España … Transiting to our working area Throughout our 3.5-day transit from Algeciras to our first submarine volcano site, the M191 science team had time to ease into the official work load and shift system by getting started on several tasks before the official rock sampling and seafloor mapping duties began. Whilst some of […]

M191 Expedition: Introducing the Scientists

On the 15th of July, 2023, 15 European scientists from 7 different insitutions boarded the R/V Meteor in Algeciras, Spain for the M191 expedition, where they shall investigate submarine volcanism in the western Sicilian Channel (SUAVE) for 3 weeks. The research cruise is expected to end in Piraeus, Greece on the 5th of August. Time […]