„I found an Alien!”

Svenja burst into the red lounge, where a group of scientists were having a post-prandial chat. The alien announcement was irresistible, and we trooped down to the lab where Svenja’s fresh multinet haul was awaiting earthly attention.  Under the microscope we saw live zooplankton hopping, spiralling, leapfrogging and swimming through the sample. Then, carefully teased […]

Imagine drifting in the North Atlantic for a year…

You dive down to a thousand meters depth and cruise around, letting the currents take you where they want. Every now and then a fish may curiously appear, then swim into the deep blue, leaving you alone in your cold, dark wet world. The only times you see light are when you rise to the […]

WASCAL students have been thrown in the deep end!

On a rolling ship, fighting seasickness, even finding their way around the cavernous Polarstern can seem a challenge. The first two days have been spent learning the rules on board – and here are many of them! “There’s a strict hierarchy on board, with all the crew having their own tasks. There’s even a correct […]

When an icebreaker comes to West Africa,…

… something special must be happening. And it is – the next “WASCAL Floating University” is about to start. After we had our premiere last year with the research vessel Maria S. Merian (MSM106), we have another premiere this year with the next cohort of students: This year our Floating University will take place on […]