Homage to the members of the following OR5 cruise

It’s with a great sadness that I’ve heard today the sinking of the OR5 ship last Friday off the Taiwan’s Penghu islands. I would like to dedicate this post to all the people that were on the ship during that time as well as to the two researchers who lost their life during that tragic […]

End of the cruise ORV1415

Today we are the 5th of October and it’s our last day on the ship. This month spent really fast and I enjoyed each second there! Our team (Taiwanese and German people) wee just great, and the crew members and the cookers really kind and friendly. I will keep a good memory of that cruise […]

What is a 3D cube?

Since the 27th of September, we are collecting 3D seismic data above the mud volcano area. The aim of collecting such data is to look into the seafloor sediments in the three directions of space: X (latitude), Y (longitude) and Z (depth) and identify the geological features and structures present underneath. The information given by […]

Barbecue time!

At the end of each cruise there is a barbecue and ours took place this afternoon 🙂 On the menu, grilled meat, mushrooms, vegetables salad and other delicious meals (did I tell you before that Taiwan is a cooking paradise?) but let’s have a look at the pictures instead of writting too much! A la […]

Operating the winch!

Today we deployed the P-Cable system again above the mud volcano. Actually we’ve just finished to deploy it few minutes ago and during the operation I was responsible of the winch! That was an interested experience (really cool in fact) but you have to pay attention to the instructions that you’re given and you have […]

P-Cable deployment

Deployment of the starboard paravane. Déploiement du paravent tribord. Photo: Raymond Shih

We finished to collect the 2D seismic lines this morning and deployed the P-Cable system early afternoon. Below are some pictures of the deployment. Nous avons terminé l’acquisition des données 2D ce matin et avons déployé le dispositif P-Cable tôt dans l’après-midi. Ci-dessous, quelques photos du déploiement. You might probably be interested knowing why I’m […]

Stop off Kaohsiung harbor

We deployed the 2D system yesterday evening and shot 2D lines over the night up to early this morning. We recovered the system around 9.30 am and went back to another harbor, Kaohsiung (main one in the southern part of Taiwan) in order to fix a problem that occurred on one of the ship’s engines. […]