Science, Not Silence

that is the top slogan for tomorrow’s march. 22nd April is named as “Earth Day” and gets celebrated worldwide since 1970. This year, however, will be a special event after all what had happened during and after the US presidential election when Donald Trump called climate change as a bluff:

organizers of “March for Science” called on people, scientists and science observers to support scientists,  critical thinking and advocate for open, inclusive, and accessible science:

I was informed about the upcoming event via Facebook ( and was happy to see that Hamburg is one of those 500 cities supporting the march. If you believe on an independent, liberal and divers science join us in Hamburg, Rathausmarkt at 2 p.m.

Hope to see you there

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One thought on “Science, Not Silence

  1. Unfortunately the number of scientists and students attending the March was disappointing! Given the fact that GEOMAR is mostly doing climate related ocean researches, i was deeply disappointed to meet just around 10-15 persons(out of more than 900 employees.

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